The future of digital signage is Integrated, Interactive, Intelligent networks


Virtually all consumer spending happens Out-Of-Home. What’s more, every Out-Of-Home sale is in competition against alternatives along a path to purchase toward the check-out counter. While print and traditional television audiences are splintering or disappearing all together, consumers still navigate in the physical world. Audiences still see billboards, and digital signage. Buyers still travel to shopping centres, through train stations and drive along main roads.

Yet, despite the Out-of-Home advertising space’s evergreen relevance and growing audience, something has still been missing.

Introducing Intelligent-Out-of-Home.

Up until this point, the Out-Of-Home landscape was lacking the intelligence of market analytics.

Audience data, and just as importantly, the ability to synthesize it with immediacy, has been the missing part of the puzzle in bridging the strengths between:

  • The tangibility of Out-Of-Home,

  • The real-time ability of Digital-Out-Of-Home and,

  • The intelligence of online.  

Market leaders, Shopper Media Group, are the first to realise this trifecta.

Shopper Media Group and it’s subsidiary, Shopper Data Group have launched an Intelligent-Out-Of-Home service; on target to be rolled out across 300 shopping centres Nationally in early 2017, and able to deliver on the promise of the Out-Of-Home opportunity we’ve been hearing about for the past five years.

Shopper Media Group Managing Director, Ed Couche says, “Smartlites™ [the Group’s signature digital signage panels] provide shopping centres and advertisers all the targeted data analytic benefits received with an online campaign and with broadcast reach benefits only digital Out-of-Home advertising can offer.”

We already recognise that a large video wall in a shopping centre running a continual loop of TVCs has little or no context to its audience. Shopper Media Group’s suite of assets are able to provide instantaneous audience metrics within a shopping precinct that can clue advertisers in on the demographic, shopper history and browsing behaviours of potential shoppers in real-time; this real time data can be used to programmatically serve hyper targeted advertising to our Smartlite TM panels, and also fuse with mobile behaviour.

Insights are triggered when a consumer enters the shopping precinct and connects to the Shopper Media Group owned WiFi channel, and are attributed by the online behaviours reflected on any personal device detected.

Intuitively, the Shopper Media platform then synthesizes the data in real time and matches it to customised marketing objectives of their clients, and in doing so, is raising the bench-mark for location based targeting.

Group CEO Ben Walker explains, “[Our] high-tech Smartlite™ digital panels offer HD screens, beacon technology, webcam and intelligent WiFi analytics enabling us to provide clients with relevant content, based on our discovery of exactly what they want.”

As marketers we’ve learned the campaigns that do best are dynamic, learning networks that provide actionable insights based on research and analysis of customer behaviour at every touch-point in every location to deliver the best customer experience.

Building brands and relationships with customers can only happen when you add value to their experience along the path to purchase. No longer is Digital-Out-Of-Home the most effective way to achieve cut through. Brands must move beyond being merely informational, but instead, interactive. They need to communicate with customers where they are, in the manner they want to be reached, exactly at the time they want to be spoken to. This needs to not just be a gimmick, on a handful of panels, but across a network that allows all the benefit of mass P2P as well as Intelligent communication.

Shopper Media Group CEO Ben Walker describes the challenge and conveniently, his product, as “creating rich, connected and immersive user experiences.”